Teatro Vivo


Almost anywhere is a possible stage for this most creative of theatre groups. The challenge they set themselves is to break free of tradition, reinterpret the classics and collaborate with their audience.

Absolutely not the West End.

- The Guardian


Teatro Vivo is based in South London and has been creating theatre since 2005. They reinvent the classics in unusual spaces, inspiring people to engage with performance in new ways and encouraging a sense of play and adventure for all who experience their work.


Don’t miss the chance to experience truly inventive work from some of our favourite theatre-makers. And Christmas simply isn’t Christmas until you’ve belted out Fairytale of New York at one of their festive sing-a-longs.


Check out the Teatro Vivo website for information on their upcoming projects and performances.


Photo: Tim Sutton, Supermarket Shakespeare dir. Mark Stevenson




Mirrorplants are made from photographs taken by Paul Clayton walking around Deptford, Lewisham and Greenwich since 2010.


The pictures are mirrored and collaged together to be ‘urban mandalas’ - pictures made to help you focus and meditate. Paul likes to express and explore different ways of seeing the walls, weeds, trees and flowers that we all take for granted every day. He also enjoys the pareidolia that the kaleidoscopic images produce - seeing different patterns and shapes like faces, birds, monsters and insects that your own mind sees in the pictures.


Mirrorplants started when Paul was walking around on a holiday in northern Spain. He ended up in a valley of vineyards, and found a new fascination with taking shots of plants, flowers, walls and trees. When Paul came back to London, parks and green spaces around Deptford gave him places to continue this new attitude. It’s a great way of exploring spaces.


Mirrorplants cards are stocked in the bookshop.